Metastreems. Positively Charming Charm Bracelet - Yin Yang
Charm Bracelet

Positively Charming Charm Bracelet - Yin Yang

Yin Yang Expandable Bracelet
Sterling Silver Custom Designed Bracelet
Expandable from 2” -3.5

The Yin-Yang is a Taoist symbol, also known as the Taiji. The outer circle is the Tao, which is the foundation and unification of the Universe. Within this is the yin, or sacred feminine, symbolized as the black tear-drop portion. The yang is the sacred masculine and is symbolized as the white tear-drop portion. The black and white sections show how the opposites flow fluidly from one to the other, continuously intermingling and transforming each other… Day flows into night, hot becomes cold, etc… This cosmic dance of opposites is what creates balance, and meditation on this symbol is said to assist the seeker in creating balance within their own life
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