Metastreems. The Truth About Dehydration
The Truth About Dehydration

The Truth About Dehydration

Many people think that all water is the same and that it will hydrate and nourish you equally no matter what type of water you drink. Unfortunately, not all water is created equal. While water provides all lifeforms with the nutrients needed to maintain their wellbeing, it must contain minerals to truly provide cells with the hydration required to operate optimally.


Cellular Dehydration Is Real

According to a 2013 study, 75% of North Americans are cellularly dehydrated. This is due as much to insufficient water consumption as it is to the type of water being consumed. Because cellular dehydration can lead to serious health issues, it is imperative to consume more of the “right” (i.e. mineral-rich) water.

When considering what type of water to drink, it’s important to know the facts. Both distilled water and water that has undergone reverse osmosis lack important minerals because these processes strip water of everything—the good and the bad. The World Health Organization reports that water contains up to 20% of our required total daily intake of calcium and magnesium. Therefore, people have been encouraged to add these essential minerals back into their water after filtration, which can be a complex process in itself.

For these reasons, many people prefer the ease of bottled water. However, most bottled water also lacks crucial minerals due to the filtration process. Even when a bottle advertises “minerals added,” there is no way to know the type or amount of minerals that have been added because the bottled water industry is not regulated. In addition, plastic water bottles have significant consequences for our environment, and some studies have suggested that drinking from these bottles can have an impact on your health.


How To Add Minerals

To avoid demineralized water and ensure you are staying hydrated, try adding a pinch of Himalayan salt or the brand “Real” salt to your water. Make sure to never use iodized table salt or regular sea salt. Another solution is to add organic fruit, such as watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, oranges, etc., to your water. This solution will ensure your water is both hydrating and delicious. If you are looking for a long-term solution, consider a charcoal filter system for your sink or refrigerator. Charcoal removes harmful toxins from water without stripping it of its natural salts and minerals.

Once you have good, filtered water, put it in a fun container, like our Travel Mugs or Crystal Water bottles, to encourage you to drink water throughout the day.

 Enjoy staying hydrated!


By Melissa Reese
“The Pursuit Guru”