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Relax and focus your mind and intentions when you roll on Metastreems SCENT-ERGY Crystal Infused Essential Oils.  Each blend, carefully crafted with theraputic grade oils, and infused with the healing power of genuine natural crystals, will clear your chakras and promote your overall well being. Our non-greasy, ultra hydrating and aromatic elixers are suitable for all skin types. 

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Ancient Scent-Ergy

Lapis Lazuli crystal infused essential oil roller. The Blue Lotus flower, known as the sacred flower of intuition. It is a psychoactive plant that has been used for thousands of years to open consciousness. The ancient powers of genuine LAPIS LAZULI crystals bring forth an abundance of knowledge, awareness and intuition. It has an energy of strong connection to cosmic wisdom.

Celestial Scent-Ergy

Citrine crystal infused essential oil roller. This sweet, floral, aromatic blend has notes of pine, citrus and spice that is known to dispel anger and boost mood. The vibrant powers of genuine Citrine crystals boost self-confidence, optimism and joy.

Enlightenment Scent-Ergy

Rose Quartz crystal infused essential oil roller. This blend of Neroli and Rose essential oils is combined with the loving powers of genuine Rose Quartz crystals to circulate a calm and peaceful energy throughout the entire aura.

Ethereal Scent-Ergy

Amethyst crystal infused essential oil roller. This luscious blend improves your mental clarity, promoting balance and peace. The meditative powers of genuine Amethyst crystals benefit the mind, body, and spirit, enhancing intuition, wisdom and spirituality.

Sacred Scent-Ergy

Aventurine crystal infused essential oil roller. Sweetgrass is a powerful plant that dispels negative energy, and encourages our mind and senses. Prosperous powers of genuine Aventurine crystals bring abundance and good luck while stimulating creativity and imagination.