Metastreems. Ring - Vortex

Ring - Vortex

Our Vortex Ring gently hugs both sides of the finger with loving light energy. On one side is the Flower of Life and the other side is the Seed of Life gently placed atop the Flower of Life.

On the inside we have strategically placed a spiral to bring in Galaxy Vortex energy. You will also find the Merkabah 3 times within the intricate design. Each part of this ring was designed to form a piece that only emits loving, healing energy. It helps to balance the feminine and masculine, as well as open doors to the blueprints of creation – allowing light energy to transmute and transform dark energy and guide any stuck energy to cross through.

While any energy can be brought into it, only light and loving energy flows out from it. This is your tool for helping all energy into the light.

SKU: SG-R200013
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