Metastreems. Positively Charming Enlightenment Bracelet - Dodecahedron
Enlightenment Bracelet

Positively Charming Enlightenment Bracelet - Dodecahedron

Dodecahedron Expandable Bracelet
Sterling Silver Custom Designed Bracelet
Expandable from 2” -3.5

The Dodecahedron is one of the five platonic solids. According to Plato, these five symmetrical three-dimensional shapes are the building blocks of all life. Plato identified each one as being representative of each of the elements (fire, water, air, earth, and ether- which is the creative life-giving frequency). Dodecahedron represents ether, and as such, holds the consciousness that creates life itself. It can raise one’s vibration when needed, making it easier to retrieve information from one’s higher self / highest form of consciousness.
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