Life is tumultuous and it’s hard to see where we’re going, let alone figure out what to do once we get there. We’re under so much stress that it’s often difficult to take time to make manifestation happen in our lives. Our emotions and thoughts are constantly being alienated from our bodies where we’re worrying about our next task before we’ve even finished the first one. In such a state, it’s hard to direct our intentions and practice manifestation.

Manifestation is the process of putting something into physical reality through thought, feeling, and belief. It relies on intention, on our stretching out towards something, and our investment of care and attention in a certain direction. Our desires are not yet here, but we can feel them as the warm illumination of a horizon filled with potential. The warm promise of possibility drives us and fuels our creativity. Accessing this potential and possibility, however, is no easy task.



For many of us, there is a stark contrast between the life path we’re following and the one we wish to take. This difference clouds our ability to access our potential and creativity because we cannot unite our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with our physical bodies. The paths we most often follow have already been laid out for us. It is not our fault as we have been conditioned to follow them and see them as the only one to take. These paths tend to focus on career and family where we are expected to replace our desires and dreams for that of our work and our children. A great deal of happiness can be found on these paths, but, for some, they can be the cause of anguish where they feel their purpose is lost once they retire or their children leave home. This is an example of how our minds and bodies become separated. Our bodies have been busy performing the duties of work and family while our minds have been focusing on the next task instead of what will connect us to our children and what will root us in happiness.


A method to work through getting stuck on a singular path is the practice of creative visualization or envisioning. Envisioning asks you to meditate on the path you’re following in life and question if that path brings you happiness. Does it present the chance opportunities that allow you to expand into a space and feel connected and rooted to it? Does it help you see the world from new and diverse perspectives? Does it allow you to make mistakes, to feel your emotions, to hear your body?


Asking these questions and meditating on them allows for a re-reading of your space and of your world. Once you start to understand the world in which you live and how that world surrounds you, you can begin to change your relationship to it: does it offer you what you desire or does it stop you? Some say that all we have are the pleasures of this moment, of the here-and-now, but we must never settle for such minimal things. We must dream and enact new and better pleasures. We must pursue other ways of being in the world and, ultimately, manifest new worlds for ourselves and others.



Part of the process of envisioning is reconnecting our minds and bodies. This is no easy task as our current lives alienate the uses of our bodies from the emotions and thoughts of our minds. The Manifestation Ring is a powerful tool to bridge our bodies and minds. It is a physical object whose presence and weight on the hand calls our attention back to our bodies and its symbolic power helps us restructure our reality. It offers us the creative expanse of the universe through which we can follow our desires. The ring connects us to the fundamental elements that make up our physical world and that lend us the energy to manifest new ways of being. Through them, we can create the new worlds we wish to inhabit.


Though powerful, manifestation requires our bodies to act on the intention of our minds so that they can move together in the direction of our desires. Using the Manifestation Ring as a guide, we can begin to unite our attention to the senses of our bodies. Envisioning is one way to take account of our lives and direct our attention toward the people and things around us. It helps us restructure our reality and find what brings us joy, connects us to others, and roots us in comfort. Life is tumultuous, but we can make manifestation happen by uniting the senses of our bodies and minds then directing them toward our desires.