Metastreems. Positively Charming Charm Bracelet -Lotus
Charm Bracelet

Positively Charming Charm Bracelet -Lotus

Lotus Expandable Bracelet
Sterling Silver Custom Designed Bracelet
Expandable from 2” -3.5

The lotus has been a symbol of the path towards enlightenment for thousands of years. The lotus seed starts its journey at the bottom of a muddy body of water. As it sends out a shoot it doesn’t know how far it must travel through the murky water for it to reach the light. Once it breaks through the surface of the water into the light of day, it bursts forth with its beautiful petals. Once it blossoms the flower does not touch the surface of the water but hovers just above it, still rooted in mud, but rising above the water. Just like the lotus, those who seek enlightenment do not know how far they must travel or what the journey will entail. They just keep growing, reaching skyward. Once they break through into the light of awakening they are still a part of this world. But like the lotus hovering above the surface of the water the seeker remains rooted in the physical world, yet unaffected by the ebbs and flows of life.
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