Metastreems. How to Use Crystals for Healing
How to Use Crystals for Healing

How to Use Crystals for Healing

Crystals have been used since antiquity for therapeutic effects. This is not a new trend, but a very old practice that has resurfaced in the last 30-40 years, with growing popularity. Look up any stone and its metaphysical qualities, and you will get a vast amount of information on what emotional, physical, and mental ailments that each stone is believed to assist with, as well as their qualities on how they may assist with spiritual development.

Before we discuss how to use crystals, let’s take a moment to discuss very briefly how crystal healing works. We can think of different crystals as different antennas that focus energy in specific ways according to the crystalline structure of that mineral. Crystal quartz, for example, is used in computers and radios to control and direct frequency. For purposes of crystal therapy, the energy that is being harness and directed is known as prana, chi, or qi; these are all terms from a variety of Eastern Medicine traditions to describe the subtle energy that creates and maintains life. For more on What Is Energy Click Here. The balanced flow of this energy affects us on every level of being, which is why using crystals may have a therapeutic effect for mind, body, and spirit.

In this ancient practice, it’s important to know how to take pristine care of your crystal. If your crystal has been exposed to negativity, or you’ve been using it a lot, or would like to use it for a different intention, then it is important to clear and clean your stones. I look at it as giving them a rest. To do this you can do any one of the following:

  1. Put your stones under the light of a full moon or under the light of the sun. Full lunar light and sunlight light has been thought to have a cleansing effect since antiquity. You can put your stones outside or in a window.
  2. Put them in a bowl of salt. This puts them in contact with earth energy, which grounds and clears them. Don’t use a metal bowl, a glass or ceramic bowl will work just fine. I personally like to use Himalayan pink salt; I feel it has a high vibration and doesn’t have as many of the possible trace pollutants that could be found in sea salt.
  3. If they are not water soluble and don’t have a finish on them that would degrade with being submerged, you can put your stones in distilled water with a pinch of salt in it. Again, only glass or ceramic bowls.
  4. You can also put them on or in the ground, in non-polluted dirt… Just make sure that you can find it later.

So, you have a stone; it seems to have some beneficial qualities for your life at this time, you know how to take care of your crystalline friend, and now what? How do you maximize the effectiveness of the crystal that chose you? Listed for you below is a list of some simple ways that you can maximize the magic of your mineral friends. 

First things first, start by creating an intention. If you decide on what you would like to accomplish through your partnership with your crystal, then you will be able to verify when it has worked. Most crystals have a long list of different effects that they can produce, some you will probably identify as being a bit more important to you at a given time then others. Setting an intention drastically improves your chances of getting the effect that you desire the most. Intention also gives parameters for your relationship with your new stone. 

For example, I was recently gifted a beautiful Amazonite necklace. Looking it up, I noticed a bunch of beneficial properties, such as, communicating one’s truth in a loving way, tempering irritability, and setting healthy boundaries, just to name a few. Without even setting an intention, I could already feel the gentle calming effect of the stone; with this in mind, I decided to partner with this stone’s association with the heart and throat chakra to help me manifest prosperity through lovingly expressing my truth. 

OK, so now you have an intention. Hold it in your hand, and feel your intention already being complete,  imagine it already done, allow this intention to fuse with your crystal; allow your intuition to know when you are done programming the stone. Your intention can be specific or as general as “increased harmony,” or “maintaining physical health.”

So now that your crystals are programmed with your intention, here are some different ways to work with your crystal(s)… You don’t have to pick only 1, you can pick as many as you’d like…

1) Wear it

This one is pretty simple and probably the most obvious. Wrap it with wire, put it in a pouch that hangs around your neck, put it in your pocket or wallet, I know many women who put them in their bras. As you wear your crystal, it will infuse your energy field (known as your aura) with its energy. The longer and more often you wear your crystal, the stronger the effect will be. Just like my Amazonite necklace, you may feel an effect immediately, and then with intention, choose to direct the therapeutic effect to be more specific. 


2) Infuse water with its energetic blueprint

This one needs to be prefaced with a bit of caution… Do NOT put stones directly into the water and consume it. Some crystals are water-soluble and putting them in water may not only damage them but could make you sick if you drink the water. Even for crystals that are not water-soluble, there may be a finish or residue on the stone that would not be healthy to consume. Besides, it is not necessary to submerge your crystals for them to infuse their energy with your water. Crystal infused water is an extremely potent catalyst for positive change. It’s effects so dramatic and quick in certain cases, that many people find it useful to start with ½ liter / day and work their way up, with many eventually drinking primarily crystal infused water after a while.

Dr. Masuru Emoto researched the effects of thought and emotion on water. What he found was that water samples that were exposed to positive emotions such as “love” or “gratitude” had beautifully geometric patterns whereas the ones that were exposed to negative emotions such as “hatred” or “disgust” showed irregular, and visually displeasing patterns. He also did similar experiments on the effect of sound and prayer on water, with similar results. This may suggest that water can be “programmed.” 

The theory is that, since our human bodies are made up of mostly water, then we can possibly uplift our vitality by infusing the water that we intake with healthy emotions and intentions. Crystals can “hold” and “direct” positive intentions and then pass this into the water. All that is necessary is for them to be next to a glass container of water. Luckily, Metastreems has created a glass water bottle that makes it easy to infuse your drinking water all day long with whatever crystal you choose, without the crystal being submerged in the water and the crystals are protected from negative energy with the engraving of the flower of life. Click here to find out more about crystal infused glass water bottles.


3) Meditate with it

Hold your crystal in your hand, have it on your body, or use it as a focal point for meditation. Slow down your breath and this will slow down the mind. A good way to relax is to scan the body from toes to crown or crown to toes, as you breathe slow and steady. After you have relaxed, you can also bring your intention into your awareness, and connect this feeling of already having your intention met, with the crystal. Or, you can just keep your breath slow and steady, focusing on the general energy of the crystal.

4) Create a crystal grid

Books have been written on what different grids do. Crystal grids align the characteristics of the stones used and connects them in a type of circuit using a geometric outline, known as a grid. Many times, a pattern that is based on sacred geometry is used as the grid, and the crystals are placed at key points. Metastreems has created a series of sacred geometry products to protect your energetic field and can be used with your chosen intention in mind. Click Here for an explanation on what sacred geometry is.

5) Sleep with it under your pillow or bed

The same principles as wearing the stone apply here, except that in sleep time, we are much more susceptible to the effects of our crystal. This is because our conscious minds and nervous system is more relaxed, which in turn has a positive effect on the flow of energy. As our energy is flowing more freely, it will be able to utilize the characteristics in our crystal with a bit more ease.


6) Put it in an area associated with its use

Are you using your crystal to help with your business become more prosperous? You can put the crystal in your place of business… Maybe you are using it to travel safely in your car? Put the crystal in your car… Or maybe you would like your crystal to help you learn how to lucid dream?... A cozy home for your crystal on your night stand would work well.
You can put the crystal in the area where the activities take place to connect your intention with that activity. The energy of the stone will infuse that area with its energy.

7) Combine it with a symbol of your intention

Our subconscious thinks in images and symbols, and they have energetic power. Combining any symbol that is powerful to you with the use of your stone can lend potent results. You can draw the symbol on your stone directly or draw the symbol on a piece of paper or cloth and wrap the stone in it, or if you are using a pouch (also known as a medicine bag), you can place both the written symbol and the crystal in the pouch and either wear it or have it nearby.

Even though the amount of information on crystals can seem overwhelming, the beauty of working with crystals is in the simplicity of the process. This is probably one of the reasons why it has endured for millennia. With just a stone and an intention, we have the ability to tap into this ancient wisdom to open doors to new levels of healing, consciousness, and abundance.