Metastreems. Healing your energy field with “earthing.”
Healing your energy field with “earthing.”

Healing your energy field with “earthing.”

Ever wonder why it feels so good to lay on the ground and stare at the sky?

By doing this, you are connecting with Earth and nature—absorbing essential healing energy from the ground and allowing your body and mind time to rest. This important healing process, known as “grounding” or earthing,” allows your body to draw in the Earth’s energy and gives your being the time and space to really receive and store it all—recharging your energy-field-battery. Earth is one big battery and our source for so much beneficial healing.

Your energy field – also called “aura” – is a representation of how you feel and what you believe.

Your relationship with your aura is unique. It’s also the same energy field that some call “Universal Mind,” “Collective Consciousness,” “Akasha,” or “Source Field,” to name a few. Keeping your energy field clean and nourished takes work, time, and loving attention. Putting in this effort allows you to experience and share the best, most energized, happiest you. Plus, it yields beneficial effects for the Universal Energy Field. You win, and life wins.

You’ve probably noticed times where you feel energized and times where you feel depleted.

Sometimes, we think certain people, places, foods, or activities will help us “come alive” –rejuvenate us, replenish us, and be our fuel – only to experience the opposite. What works for one person may not work for another, and what once worked for you once may not work the same way a second time. Energy fields are dynamic, not static, meaning they can change, become weaker and stronger, and are dependent upon many differing variables. Sometimes they become so weak that we need to incorporate multiple modalities in conjunction with longer periods of grounding time to restore our strength. Be mindful of the company you keep, the food you eat, the events you attend, how much you do in a day or week, etc. Notice what seems to work for you and what does not. Learn what you need to say yes and no to for your own well-being. Find the areas that you could use help in/with, ask for help, and delegate what you can to others. Most importantly, integrate the practice of grounding or earthing into your life.

Just like electric cars, you too need a charging station.

Find a place (or places)* where you can bury your bare feet in sand, dirt, light rock, or grass. You can even lie down in these places; just make sure your knees are bent and your bare feet are touching the ground. Allow yourself to connect with the energy of the earth. Even if you don’t feel anything strongly, just allow yourself to be. Find a tree to sit under, stare at the sky, watch wildlife all around you, read a feel-good book, listen to calming music, or eat a nourishing snack or meal. Whatever you do, be in that moment with your intention focused on connecting to the earth beneath you. Notice when your breathing starts to become deeper and more rhythmic and your mind has drifted off. You may even start to notice calmness in parts of your body that were tight or strained prior to grounding.

Be a tree.

Allow your energetic roots to go deep into the ground while gazing, and reach for the sky. Allow the sun, moon, and stars to provide you with vitamins and minerals, and drink your mineral-packed water. By doing this, you reach a level of healing that is deep and profound. At one time, shoes did not exist. People were able to sense underground water beneath their feet, feel the vibrations of the earth moving, and get important information when settling into or moving out of an area. Shoes protect our feet in many ways, especially with all the manmade elements, but they also do a disservice to our connection to powerful healing energy. So, ditch the shoes when you can, and get back to growing and nourishing your roots.

 *Be mindful to find a place that is safe and has not been used for dumping toxic chemicals or had toxic chemicals around it. Find a place that has other life growing and flourishing all around it.