Pendant - Galactic Butterfly

Custom Designed Pendant in Sterling Silver

This incredible healing design is beautiful and powerful -- made from only the best 925 silver. The intention of the pendant is to connect to the ultimate wisdom of life and life creation -- The Consciousness, Universe, Galaxy, Divine -- allowing the wearer to develop and experience more connection and communication with all living things. Connecting with the deep wisdom of life through all times and spaces, you can feel the power of the Galactic Butterfly as the pendant gently rests in the heart space or solar plexus areas of the body. The pendant is 1.5 inches in diameter and can be placed on your favorite “chain” made of precious metal, gemstones, decorative fabric or even rope. This pendant can be used in working with healing energy for one’s self and when working with others in a practitioner format.
SKU: SG-P0001
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