Metastreems. Finding Direction In An Ever Changing World
Finding Direction In An Ever Changing World

Finding Direction In An Ever Changing World

The Manifestation Ring

How do we come to find our way in a world that is constantly changing? How do we direct ourselves towards our desires, towards inner peace, towards love? Finding direction is hard and manifesting our desires even harder. The Manifestation Ring offers to guide us on our journeys toward obtaining love, joy, light, and peace--to having our wants in hand.


Stretching Our Intentions

Manifestation is the process of putting something into physical reality through thought, feeling, and belief. It relies on intention, on our stretching out towards something and our investment of care and attention in a certain direction.

Both manifestation and intention are deeply tied to the body. Intention comes from the Latin intendo meaning to extend, reach out, stretch forth. When we intend something, we are reaching towards something, aligning our bodies and minds in a specific direction. We are directing our spirit and our care out into the universe. 

Manifestation comes from the Latin manus, meaning hand, and fendo, meaning to hold. When we manifest something, we have it in hand ready for our use. Manifestation is the outcome of intention where our body and mind have aligned to put our desires in hand, placing that energy physically in our bodies.


A Guiding Path

The Manifestation Ring is a guide for our intentions. The intention of the ring is to connect and amplify the energy of love and life from The Consciousness or Divine--allowing us to develop and experience more peace, calm, love, and light within and around ourselves. The ring is topped with citrine to energize us with the light of the sun and encourage our creativity and self-expression as we search for what we will stretch our intentions towards and what we will manifest for ourselves.

The ring has the Seed and Flower of Life to remind us of creation, creativity, and how we are all connected to the universe. The Vesica Piscis offers its power of creation and the Divine Feminine, so that we will be ready to direct our intention and care towards the things that will bring positivity and joy to our lives.

Further, the Manifestation Ring guides us with the dodecahedron, the sacred geometric shape of ether. It bridges the physical and spiritual in the universe offering space for reflection on how our bodies connect to the universe and how the universe connects to our bodies. To aid in this connection, the ring has the Consciousness Grid, the synthesis of the Platonic solids and the frame that connects our planet, our bodies, ourselves to the universe. Finally, Merkaba offers protection and transport for our consciousness to higher dimensions where we can better reflect on our journeys and manifest peace, calm, and light in our lives.

In a world that is constantly changing, wearing the Manifestation Ring reminds us to keep our intentions at hand and that our desires are always within our reach. The ring uses powerful sacred geometry to help us find a path to direct our intentions, for our hearts to follow, and for our bodies to connect to the universe.