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Focus your mind and intention on the task at hand when you write with Metastreems PEN-ERGY Crystal Power pens. These elegant pens come in multiple colors and are filled with small, polished natural crystals. Pair your pen with a bamboo Reflection Notebook and take your self-expression to a higher level.

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PEN-ERGY Clarity

Clear Quartz gemstone brings positivity, motivation and understanding. Helps focus the mind bringing clarity.

PEN-ERGY Inspiration

Aventurine & Clear Quartz gemstones pairing confidence, manifestation and optimism. Stimulates positivity and inspiration.

PEN-ERGY Knowledge

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone for knowledge it brings awareness, intuition and wisdom. Awaken your true destiny and divine purpose.

PEN-ERGY Prosperity

Aventurine is the gemstone for Prosperity which will bring abundance, good luck & opportunity. Stimulates creativity and imagination in writing.

PEN-ERGY Reflection

Obsidian is the gemstone for Reflection it brings protection, growth & self-reflections. Truth Enhancing and deep soul healing.

PEN-ERGY Romance

Rose Quartz is the gemstone for Romance. Looking to bring love, peace and clam. Stimulates imagination and the written word.


Amethyst is the gemstone for Wisdom it brings peace, calm and clarity. Gathers energy for a more centered feeling.

PEN-ERGY Vitality

Citrine is the gemstone is vibrant, happy and light. This sunny stone radiates positive energy boosting self-confidence joy and optimism.

PEN-ERGY Tranqulity

Aquamarine is the gemstone for Tranquility looking to bring a peaceful, calming and soothing energy to help wash away stress and anxiety, while allowing one to just "Go with the flow".