Metastreems: Who are some of the people in this metaphysical world that you look up to?  Who’s your guru or who do you look to for leadership and inspiration?  Can you tell us why you are drawn to this person’s teachings?

AC: I don’t really have specific people that I follow but instead have gravitated to modalities.   Like for instance I was taken in by the Native American community and their beliefs as well as the Eastern healing community.  I’m a reiki healing master so I’m not necessarily drawn to a specific person but more of a category like Eastern Healing Medicine.  I’m drawn to the variety of spirituality and the different belief systems. I believe people should follow themselves and their own intuition instead of following another person.  I think people should follow what they feel most comfortable with and what works for them.  I believe in Sacred Geometry because I feel the symbols energetically do something…  Look at crop circles for instance and are they related?  Is there a coincidence there?  I believe there is something to that, something more than meets the eye.


Metastreems: How much do you know about sacred geometry?  How do you feel about wearing purposeful jewelry or accessories that show your mindful intentions?

AC: I don’t actually wear jewelry much anymore.  I’ll wear a necklace for instance if I go to a big function or a night out.  I keep symbols and meaningful things around my house and in my car.  They’re always around me and they are purposeful.  I think lots of people wear beautiful jewelry but it’s not necessarily for me.  I use things like the Metastreems water bottle that I have with me all day but I just don’t necessarily use it as jewelry.  I even use my bottle to charge the water my cats drink.  To me, the meaningfulness is in having reminders and symbols close to me at all times but not necessarily as something that I wear.


In general, do you feel that people in society are in touch with their spiritual selves?  If not, how best do you think they can learn?

AC:  Well that’s been part of my journey.  I attempted to get away from teaching/healing/working with people personally, but universe will get my attention from time to time when the want me to help someone.  If I am not listening and following my spiritual path then the Universe does get my attention, most often by resulting in an injury, and not just small injuries either!  Joint injuries and things that severely limited my ability to play golf and do the things I love.  I made a compromise in my life and I give back and help others 2 days a week.  I’ve created a shop now that supports every possible area within the spiritual world, and I run the location but I still do not work on people personally.  I open my shop to the Universe so that everyone is welcome to come and take what speaks to them from my location.  My shop is a full-service shop, but I often refer customers elsewhere if I don’t have what they’re looking for or need.  This happens more often than you’d think.  I really enjoy connecting people within the community and if they’re looking for a specific book or an herb then I’ll gladly send them on their journey.  I believe in helping guide people with their personal journey, not do the work for them.


What are your thoughts regarding spirituality and social media?  Are there particular sites or people you follow on-line? 

AC: I see people follow my page and that’s great, but I don’t really follow anyone.  If I had social media resources available to me when I was going through my injury and my healing journey, I know I would have found people faster and healed quicker. But that was not my path. So, it took me the 5 years to meet the people and heal myself.  I think today everyone is lucky to have social media and the internet at their disposal.  Now I can quickly search things online and learn faster and meet more people who are experts in their field.  To be honest, I just don’t have the time to spend following specific people or sites.  I believe if you go and learn how to do a form of healing then you need to first try it upon yourself.  There are a lot of fakes out there so beware!  They talk a fantastic game, but they aren’t doing their “Self-Work” which means they aren’t healthy or balanced in how their practicing.  Be cautious about who is working on you.  An unbalanced healer can actually make you worse and put you in a spiritual sickness and take your energy right out of you.  Symptoms you may experience are, fatigue, irritability, physical pain, etc...  Please be mindful of who to go to especially when you’re new in this industry.